Respiratory Therapy is an exciting profession.  The opportunities that come with being a therapist are boundless.  Respiratory Therapists have opportunities to work in hospitals, home care, commercial industry, and in research.  Respiratory Therapy Schools are available through the state of Ohio.
Membership in your professional organization is an important  part of being a Respiratory Therapist.  The Ohio Society for Respiratory Care is your connection to membership.
We are excited to launch the AARC's new recruitment initiative, Be an RT! Be an RT provides the opportunity to learn about the respiratory therapy profession from actual respiratory therapists and their authentic stories. The website contains great information about how to explore the profession, contact educational programs, and decide if the profession is a good fit for them. It also contains materials for AARC Education Section members in the Educators area of the website. The AARC is dedicated to updating and adding content on a regular basis to keep this a robust, relevant resource.

Check it out at Also please follow (and promote!) the new Be an RT Twitter account @be_an_rt


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